Computer Corporation of America:

The Pioneer in High-Performance Data Management
Over the past four decades, Computer Corporation of America has revolutionized large-scale, high-performance, high-capacity data management with one breakthrough after another. Invention of hashing and bitmapped indexing technologies. First online DBMS. First and only commercially available enterprise-scale 4GL. First distributed DBMS. First partitioned tables. And the list goes on.

Today, CCA’s intensely focused research and development continues to deliver cutting-edge software with a single purpose: store, access, and analyze maximum volumes of data at maximum speeds with maximum flexibility – from anywhere in the enterprise. Providing large-scale, high-performance, high-capacity data solutions to meet demanding enterprise requirements is CCA’s core competence and unique preserve. Nobody does it better.

Matching enterprise requirements with core competencies; engineering data management breakthroughs for four decades; setting the gold standard for high-performance, high-volume data solutions; delivering unparalleled service and maximum return on investment.

Welcome to Computer Corporation of America.

State of the Enterprise

Every enterprise is drowning in data, and the levels keep rising. Current systems increase data requirements with each transaction. Upgrades and new applications capture more data that has to be managed along with what’s already on hand. And e-business demands virtually 100% data availability.

And it’s not just the data. Application changes have deadlines in terms of hours instead of weeks. Your users need effective analytical tools to make sense of all the data. And your customers, partners, suppliers and employees expect your systems to handle more interactions, process them faster, and leverage more corporate data. Are your systems up to the job? With the built-in flexibility to handle what the future holds?

With Challenge Comes Opportunity

Overwhelming as it may seem, it’s also very exciting. Because it’s a chance to tackle major system challenges that will have a direct and dramatic impact on your organization’s business. Competitive advantage requires outstanding technology – unmatched transaction and query performance, unsurpassed levels of scalability, flexibility and capacity – and nimble handling of change. In short, a powerful, agile enterprise.

With the right data management solution, you can capitalize on this opportunity while creating an infrastructure with the power and flexibility to handle future ones. And part of the right data management solution is making sure you’ve got the right provider. Have you considered Computer Corporation of America?

Computer Corporation of America – Meaningful Performance Leadership

CCA’s data management products power some of the largest and busiest databases in the world – supporting multi-terabyte databases and thousands of users submitting thousands of transactions per second. With eminent storage capacities and award-winning OLTP and query speeds, CCA’s products are ideal platforms for today’s mission critical projects: data warehouses, e-business applications and relationship management, just to name a few.

But what if you’re starting small, yet expect your needs to grow in time? CCA’s data management solutions will grow with you — easily and unobtrusively. Capitalizing on a fully scalable architecture and robust development environment, applications based on CCA’s data management solutions are ready to take on new challenges long before they surface.

CCA’s customers are always among the first in their industries to benefit from new data technologies, and maintain the competitive advantage of their data management solutions.

“With Model 204, we can do 1,800 transactions per second.
If there is another database out there that can
perform that fast, we haven’t seen it.”
– Robert Obee, VP and CIO
Roadway Express

Business Intelligence:
The Source of Competitive Advantage

When it comes to building an agile enterprise that can respond to changes to your markets and audiences in a heartbeat, high-performance data management technology is only part of the solution. You need more than fast transactions and high-capacity storage. You also need your enterprise data transformed into business intelligence to reveal new and unexpected insights. The right data management solution not only manages your data but also helps you leverage it to enhance operations and gain competitive advantage.

Computer Corporation of America has long realized that business intelligence is the real payoff from large-scale data management applications. CCA’s renowned bit-map indexing technology allows mammoth quantities of data to be searched, summarized, and analyzed in seconds. That’s real-time business intelligence.

Best of all, CCA’s analytical tools make it possible for non-technical professionals to explore the data on their own – without the need for IT assistance. With ease of use, speed to spare, and enterprise-level capacity, CCA’s analytical tools deliver business intelligence from all your data sources to all your users.

“Our clients in the automobile industry require
instantaneous answers. Model 204’s trademark
indexing technology is the only way we can meet
their demands. Plus, the robust 4GL helps us
implement custom solutions in no time.”
– Paul VanderMarliere
Senior Vice President of Business Development
R.L. Polk & Co.

Enterprise Integration: The Big Picture

Business intelligence, however, is only a means to an end. It helps you understand how to improve your business, but it’s up to your organization to make the requisite changes. In today’s enterprise, business changes invariably mean systems changes. And if it takes too long to update your organization’s systems, you may miss the business opportunity.

If your organization is like most enterprises, you’ve chosen a variety of software applications based on their proficiency at certain tasks, and deployed them strategically. If it’s important that all your computing environments share data and information seamlessly – and when isn’t it? – your data management solution provider had better be committed to an enterprise perspective – not one focused on

That’s why CCA’s data management solutions are standards-based, and support enterprise integration-enabling technologies such as IBM MQSeries. That way, for example, the new e-business application you built with CCA’s Internet tools can immediately feed customer orders to your existing PeopleSoft financial software which, in turn, can populate a CCA-based data warehouse used by product managers to
analyze product line profitability. CCA does it all in real time, all without user or programmer intervention, and all without re-engineering current applications.

That’s just one example of the enterprise integration that’s the foundation for building an agile enterprise. And it’s built in to CCA’s data management solutions.


CCA prides itself on its mastery of the complexities of large-scale data management, and we’re committed to helping you leverage both legacy and Web-based IT resources to enhance your business. These core values infuse every one of our software products. And they empower customers, partners, suppliers and employees to utilize all your data assets to maximize the success of your enterprise.